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The blues is a dangerous musical idiom. A true blues song follows a certain form with little variation. However, as Muddy Water sang on his Hard Again album, "the blues had a baby/and named the baby rock 'n' roll." Jealous Bone, follows in the footsteps of the Rolling Stones,Led Zeppelin, and Stevie Ray Vaughan in making blues influenced music that at times follows the form pretty strictly, but at other times goes off in different, interesting musical directions. The band features Luca DiNicola on guitar and vocals, Damir Shegich on lead guiter and backing vocals, Joe Fittipaldi on bass guitar, and Fred DiSanto on Drums,percussion,and metal folding chair? For me, the best example of Jealous Bone's interesting musical direction is the 2nd track on the disc, Loving Kind, It's a bluesy rocker that takes a beautiful minor turn in the middle that made me sit up and take notice. The other songs are good, but "Loving Kind" is exceptional. What I enjoyed most about the other songs were the way the band took tried and true blues elements and then, just when I least expected it, threw a melodic or musical change-up that took me totally by surprise. "Your Gonna Miss Me," my second favorite track, alternates between distant,moody feel and an intense, driving one. "Hand Me Down Curse," which also features piano played by Jim Barney, has time changes that are very unusual in a blues-oriented number. It's these stylistic touches that make Jealous Bone different from a derivative blues band rehashing old Willie Dixon standards or playing second-rate versions of Stevie Ray Vaughan songs. Their writing is fairly adventures. -Ben Likens
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Jealous Bone may be one of the best bands in the region that you may never have heard about.  Until now. Jealous Bone is a NWI/Chicago based band delivering a unique blend of classic electric blues layered with a solid rock edge.  A sound and style truly defined musically and lyrically in their original compositions.  Growing up in the Chicagoland area, the four members have acquired a vast range of musical influences and styles.  From Buddy Guy, to Jimi Hendrix, GOV'T Mule to the Rolling Stones, they have used the diversity of their influences to craft a sound that is "true to the legends" yet as fresh and exciting as some of today's current music.  It is their originals that are truly masterful recordings that grab you from the first time you hear them.  They have released two original albums to date, "Scratch" and "I Ain't Superstitious" which both would enhance anyone's music collection.  The band is currently working on the third album.  The band members are Luca DiNicola (guitars/vocals), Damir Shegich (lead guitar/background vocals), Jim Barney (bass/piano) and Fred DiSanto (drums).  You can see them at Leroy's Hot Stuff in Porter, Indiana on August 14 at 2 pm to benefit the Animal Rescue Association or if you are lucky enough to be a member of the Rock-n-Rollers group you can see them at their annual picnic on August 21 at the Lake County Fairgrounds.  For more information go to

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